Helping you to get the 

best possible performance

from a sales team.

We can coach and train your sales leader to ensure they have the right tools, skills and behaviours to properly motivate, improve, measure and manage performance.


Very often successful sales people go onto to become promoted into people management roles and usually without experience.


A completely different skill set is required to inspire, lead and develop people. The sales management role is, in theory, a simple one; to get the best possible performance from every member of staff.


It’s sounds easy but in practice it’s a very challenging role.


By training your sales manager in how to keep the team task focused and how to measure, manage and improve performance we can make a huge difference to the success of your sales function.


We help sales leaders to communicate effectively, inspire people, understand what makes individuals tick, conduct sales meetings, create meaningful reports, set goals and targets for activity and revenue, and manage disciplines such as CRM use and how to properly conduct one to one performance reviews.

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